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Unique Filled Sauce We Have in Mid-Autumn Festival!

Sep 28, 2023

Unique Filled Sauce We Have
in Mid-Autumn Festival!

As a traditional festival of the Chinese nation, the Mid-Autumn Festival is represented by reunion, missing, nostalgia. It is the day when the full moon casts the brightest moonlight. People often invite relatives and friends far away from home to enjoy the beautiful moon, drink wine, taste delicious food together. Comes as a fitting time, Greenfresh provides you with professional baking sauce solutions. Using sweet desserts to pass on deliciousness and missing, which can pass this emotion to the one you care about.

Blackcurrant sauce bun

The blackcurrant bun's sauce developed by Greenfresh has a refreshing taste and good mouthfeel. It adopts the perfect combination of blackcurrant jam and cream. The color of this blackcurrant sauce bun is berry red. Blackcurrant sauce heart has low water activity, tastes sweet but not greasy, and has multiple mouthfeels. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, give your heart with the blackcurrant sauce bun~

Filled Strawberry Jam Cake

The sponge cake and filled jam combine to bring a new and different cake experience! The hydrocolloidal-filled strawberry jam, developed by Greenfresh, has a strong fruity aroma and is injected by cold working technique. It has good mouthfulness, when you taste it, you will feel refreshing but not greasy. The filled strawberry jam of this cake has a good moisturizing effect, which is not easy to age and harden. Whether it is a Mid-Autumn Festival gift or buying it for yourself, you can send the best wishes to the people you care no matter where and when!

Bicolor donut cake

This beautiful two-tone donut cake, you can have it now! The top of the sponge cake is the starch system surface decorative sauce of Greenfresh, which is injected into the bottom of the mold by hot processing technique. It has a jam with double texture. The shape is the collision of a sponge cake and a donut, coinciding with the image of the full moon. At the same time, it is a metaphor for family reunions. With a variety of tastes and surprises, Greenfresh waiting for your discovery!

Braised cheese with rock bread

The yellow braised cheese part is the starch system surface decorative sauce (hot process technique) developed by Greenfresh, which is fully integrated with the bread. The filling adopts the hydrophilic system of strawberry jam and coconut jam (cold processing technique). The product has a good moisturizing effect, and the sauce cannot age and harden easily. The taste of this braised cheese with rock bread is soft and refreshing, sweet but not greasy. The double combination of cold and hot working makes the bread unique sauce!

We sincerely invite you to share this joy and happiness with us on this special day. Greenfresh always insists on providing customers with professional application solutions.

Greenfresh has accumulated more than 20 years of technology, aside from providing high-quality products, Greenfresh also provides onsite technical support to our customers, from recipe to end products.

We are always ready for you and continually provide full support!

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